Hand Injury Service

  • The Hand Injury Service supports employees and their employers following a hand injury to coordinate the best possible and most appropriate care as quickly as possible.
  • The hands are used every day for most activities we undertake, thus why they are so frequently injured. The hand has a complex anatomy in a relatively confined space, meaning even seemingly minor cuts or injuries can injure vital structures and require specialist treatment.
  • The potential for devastating injuries increases greatly when medical attention is delayed.

  • The Hand Injury Service organises the required care for all workplace hand injuries to expedite the best possible expert trauma care.
  • We liaise with you, the hospital, the insurer and your local hand specialist surgeon as soon as possible after injury.
  • Our Specialist Hand Surgeons Dr Sean Nicklin and Dr Sarah Toleton provide expert care and complete support from the moment we receive a call following injury.

Service Benefits



HIS takes care of the process from start to finish; liaising with all required parties, organising required care and assisting with medical paperwork.



Patients receive better outcomes because of shorter period between injury and surgery and increased chance of accurate injury assessment for expert trauma care.



HIS provides fast access to an expert hand surgeon, reducing extensive hospital admin process and ED waiting time, leading to more comfortable and timely patient treatment.



There is no cost for this service as all costs are covered by workcover fees.

(If your injury occured in the workplace)

Hand Injury Instructions

  • 1. Organise Doctor AssessmentYour onsite first aid representative should assist you in obtaining initial medical assessment by a doctor as quickly as possible. The doctor may be onsite for larger companies, a local medical centre or your nearest local hospital Emergency Department.arrow
  • 2. Call Hand Injury Service Call us on 9314 7257 with info on patient, injury and text a photo if feasible to 0420 908 179. This can be done whilst you are waiting for your initial doctor assessment.

  • 3. Call Your Insurer Your employer needs to call your workers compensation insurer to inform them of the injury. Your insurer will give you a claim lodgement reference over the phone. arrow
  • 4. Complete Insurer Claims Contact Details Injury Notification Form
  • Here

Why Choose Hand Injury Service?



The Hand Injury Service is on call Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm, and can be relied upon to assist with complete care and coordination following hand injury.



Our expert hand surgeons hold extensive career experience in hand injuries. Our patient coordinator and service director stand alongside our surgeons as qualified & experienced professionals.



A hand injury can be a stressful event for all involved. HIS minimises this stress, focusing on total patient care and efficiency in all administration activities.

Contact Us

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    02 9314 7257

    0420 908 179

  • Postal Address

    227 Avoca St, Randwick, NSW 2031

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Register your workplace details with The Hand Injury Service so that we can be ready to assist you promptly should you need assistance with a hand injury in the future.